25 Aug

michael kors abbigliamento

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6 Apr

We will pay you to move in San Diego!

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Our newest promo before we launch our new brokerage next month (coming soon..the name is revealed next month) is all about paying to help you move. List your home for sale anywhere within San Diego County and we'll pay any mover of your choice $1,000 upon close of escrow. This offer applies to you OR your tenant if you own a tenant-occupied property. It's the mover of your choice -- that may be a large moving company or your Uncle Oscar who has a truck and needs $1,000 worth of gas money. SURPRISE: all of our listings always come with a Cancel Anytime Clause -- cancel for any reason at any time, no questions asked. No obligation. Ask any other brokerage you're thinking of hiring if they'll match that. Because we have such an amazing listing system, we get no cancellations. Our sellers are too happy from all the amazing offers we get for them. This month alone we got 1) ten offers; 2) 15 offers and 3) 37 offers on three properties. What we do is deliver results if you want or need to sell your home. Give us a call: 858-452-2599. Then start packing!

22 Mar

The Loss of a Pet — my Violet

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In December 2007, for some reason I found myself at the Humane Society in San Diego, wandering around. Always a very dangerous thing for me! Usually completely unacceptable because I am coming home with a pet. For what it's worth, I haven't been back to the Humane Society since that day - keeping it real. When there, I found an extremely large, obese blackish Tortie cat. Hiding in a corner, obviously uncomfortable and unhappy. Really sad stuff. The worker literally took me aside and said, her words exactly: "Don't adopt this cat. Her spirit is broken." Radar ears. What? How did she know? I was more curious than ever. Walking around the many cat rooms there, I circled back to this cat two or three times. Finally I said that she was the one, I would adopt her. Not a lot was said to me, almost no words. It was weird and uncomfortable and I had adopted at least three cats from this shelter over my adult life. But this cat was different. I was ushered up front to pay and she was taken away to some area where I couldn't see her. Brought up to me in a box, closed, I took her to my car. She was over 30 pounds. When I got her home, I brought her up to what was then my "red room,"...

6 Feb

Why I got kicked out of the Girl Scouts after one day

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My husband loves my Girl Scouts story so I thought I would share it with the world. It was the winter of some time in the early 1970s. Having not been interested in Brownies or Blue Birds, I did not go up the ranks in the Girl Scouts organization and really had no interest in any of it. But at the time one of my very best friends had gone through both, and had badges galore to prove it, and she was now a Girl Scout. I won't name her, but she wanted me to be a Girl Scout too. As I recall, she had her mom ask the troop leader if others could join the Girl Scouts just arbitrarily I guess, and through some act of kindness or Congress I was invited to go to a meeting. Let's call it a try out. Yes, I could join and we'd start with one meeting. It was somewhat mysterious and weirdly glorious to me all of a sudden. The girls themselves were told I would be joining. Most Girl Scout meetings were in basements with the occasional field trip, and quite frankly every meeting should have been a field trip, but that's just my preference. This meeting that was to include me was in fact a full blown field trip -- to a paint-your-own ceramics store in Richfield, Minnesota across the street...

29 Jan

My Cancel Anytime Real Estate Listing — No Catch When Selling Your Home!

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Did you know that you can cancel your listing with me at anytime for any reason -- or no reason? It's written right into the listing agreement and we both initial and sign it. You will NOT find this with the franchise firms. They'll hold you to your listing and not let you out. It's really hell. I have heard from clients who have done business with them in the past that trying to get out of their listing was the WORST experience ever. That's so stupid! Why punish a client who wants to move on? That's no way to do real estate and since I make the rules for my brokerage, a cancel anytime clause is my rule. To help you. The fine print: Simply let Kimberly know in writing with 24-hours notice that you want your listing cancelled and it will be cancelled. It will also be fully removed from the MLS. All photography remains the property of Kimberly and is copy written to her. That's it! The good news? No seller has ever used this out clause, but it's good to know it's there. I also offer flexible commission down to 1% for contract work only on For Sale by Owner deals, and I guarantee that my marketing plan presented during the listing appointment will be done. Many sellers...

9 Jan

Real Estate Listings Wanted! 92105, 92115, 92116, 92117, 92102, 92122 in San Diego

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This photo pretty much tells the story, and you can include almost all additional San Diego zip codes besides the ones in my post title. The San Diego neighborhoods my buyers love when buying single family homes are City Heights, Talmadge, Normal Heights, University Heights, Golden Hill, South Park, North Park, Clairemont and University City. Think you've got a better option? Let me see your house. I can still sell it. I have developed a very reliable list of buyers who prefer to buy my listings. Why buy my listings? Why is that their priority? Because they trust me. If I liked it enough to list it, they like it enough to buy it. They are regular people, not corporate types. If you have a single family home in any condition, tenant or owner occupied or vacant, and are considering listing it, please let me talk to you. All my listings are guaranteed and you will NOT find this offer at the franchise firms: you can cancel with me at any time for any reason. No questions asked. No obligation. If you're not happy, fire me. (No one has, but you can. It's in your listing contract.) Help! Listings wanted! My buyers will pay the asking price if the home is priced right....