23 Feb

Ask the Broker

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Now I will be answering estate questions from anonymous and curious sources. You don't have to be anonymous of course, but you are not required to identify yourself. Just some Q & A with a housing expert.  If you're willing, I promise to give you my best answer. By submitting your question, you agree to have it and my answer posted. No emails or names will ever be used.  I am only licensed in the State of California so I cannot answer real estate questions for other states or legal questions. Save those for your lawyer.  You release me of any liability if you choose to use my answers for any purpose.  Let's chat offline about serious stuff. Let's go!

19 Feb

What is Twitter? This week it’s purely family. Tribute to a fighter, @TheRealClint

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** An update to this story. Clint Miller lost his battle with cancer tonight. His friends and family will miss him a lot. March 8, 1971 - December 12, 2012.** In May 2009 I joined Twitter and it changed my life very quickly.  Using the search capabilities, I was able to find some very valuable real estate people nationwide who tweeted about interesting things that I liked reading. Along the way I honed who to follow. My "lean and mean" Twitter system is aggressive and works for me.  There are some websites out there that allow you to monitor all kinds of things. The most important feature of Twitter though is not the hyper management of your followers, but the people you meet and the...

15 Feb

New logo, same spirit

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We're rolling out a new look for our spring marketing campaign.  Where we are is where you'll see it. Even though I consider Green Box Homes to actually be a non-branded firm, meaning I free flow ideas and looks all the time, I do believe in peace and love. So Peace, Love and Real Estate is our motto at this time.  We sell happiness. We love houses. We are quite peaceful about the whole thing. All the rest is the same as before. [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="rand"]

4 Feb

Bamboo kitchen floor ~ finally!

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What started in 2004 as complete absolution to remove carpet from the house, came to a conclusion in 2010 to remove all tile as well. When all carpet was torn out and replaced with carbonized thick bamboo boards in 2004, using the best materials the marketplace sells, the love affair with bamboo began. But hey, don't drop stuff on it! Bamboo is hard but dents. I never put bamboo in the kitchen. Why? I did both baths and there's potentially more water sloshing on floors in there (it never happens).  Kitchens just seem to need tile, right? Or so I thought. That was tradition. But then, newsflash, I am not a traditionalist at all.  And then sadly I began to hate my beautiful porcelain...