29 Jun

Photo project: Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles

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In November 2005, I was allowed to roam the grounds and inside of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. It was torn down in January 2006. This hotel always inspired me to think big and and its size made me wonder about the stories and lives that passed through its gates. It was closed for more than 10 years prior to its demise. Driving down Wilshire, I saw it for all those years, basically chain link fenced off, the hotel itself sitting way back on the lot, very far from the street. A fading pink behemoth. A few years before I got the go ahead to see the property and take photos, I began my research on how to get in. The property had been purchased by the Los Angeles Unified School...

10 Jun

Posh Pads! Poway listing makes the North County Times

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We are pleased that a listing I share with Kerry Garnett made the papers!  Today, the North County Times did a "Posh Pads" profile of 11623 Creek Road in Poway. Please click to see more about this very special property  >>> here. This is an owner-occupied property that requires a showing appointment. Please fill in the Contact box for further information about this amazing home.

5 Jun

You got a card from me, now what?

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Recently I began sending a few hand-selected homeowners special cards.  They are in the mail now. As you begin to look into my services after receiving one, I want to assure you that anything promised on that card is real. Results will be rapid. Your property and your specific needs matter to me. Thank you for coming this far and I hope to hear from you soon. All inquiries are confidential and responses to your calls and emails are typically within half an hour. So -- what's your question? Let's take the answers off line. ~Kimberly (858) 452-2599 or the contact box at the upper right to reach me via email.