6 Apr

We will pay you to move in San Diego!

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Our newest promo before we launch our new brokerage next month (coming soon..the name is revealed next month) is all about paying to help you move. List your home for sale anywhere within San Diego County and we'll pay any mover of your choice $1,000 upon close of escrow. This offer applies to you OR your tenant if you own a tenant-occupied property. It's the mover of your choice -- that may be a large moving company or your Uncle Oscar who has a truck and needs $1,000 worth of gas money. SURPRISE: all of our listings always come with a Cancel Anytime Clause -- cancel for any reason at any time, no questions asked. No obligation. Ask any other brokerage you're thinking of...

29 Jan

My Cancel Anytime Real Estate Listing — No Catch When Selling Your Home!

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Did you know that you can cancel your listing with me at anytime for any reason -- or no reason? It's written right into the listing agreement and we both initial and sign it. You will NOT find this with the franchise firms. They'll hold you to your listing and not let you out. It's really hell. I have heard from clients who have done business with them in the past that trying to get out of their listing was the WORST experience ever. That's so stupid! Why punish a client who wants to move on? That's no way to do real estate and since I make the rules for my brokerage, a cancel anytime clause is my rule. To help you. The fine print: Simply let Kimberly know in writing with 24-hours...

9 Jan

Real Estate Listings Wanted! 92105, 92115, 92116, 92117, 92102, 92122 in San Diego

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This photo pretty much tells the story, and you can include almost all additional San Diego zip codes besides the ones in my post title. The San Diego neighborhoods my buyers love when buying single family homes are City Heights, Talmadge, Normal Heights, University Heights, Golden Hill, South Park, North Park, Clairemont and University City. Think you've got a better option? Let me see your house. I can still sell it. I have developed a very reliable list of buyers who prefer to buy my listings. Why buy my listings? Why is that their priority? Because they trust me. If I liked it enough to list it, they like it enough to buy it. They are regular people, not corporate types. If...

3 Jan

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act was Extended by Congress in January 2013

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Do you have a short sale property listed, one in escrow that hasn't closed or are you thinking of considering a short sale? A huge negative component for sellers of a short sale property was the idea behind "phantom income," as it's called in the industry -- that mystery money that is "written off" by the bank when they take the loss on your short sale. That is money the banks considered phantom income and they were issuing 1099s to sellers, showing the income (phantom as it may have been) as earned by the seller. Someone's GOT to pay, you see. And it was sellers in their income tax bills. Ouch! Can you imagine having no money to make your house payment, struggling through a...

5 Oct

Fun with doodles, but it’s all about the houses and animals

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Video in a slightly new way. Hope you enjoy it! http://youtu.be/z0-gWluoIaQ Did you know that we donate 15% of our commission to charity? Hire us and help save the planet, animals and people. Have a great...

11 Sep

Today’s Neighborhood Corner: The San Diego Bungalow

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Back to some real estate analysis in the  Neighborhood Corner. Today we are tackling a sub-speciality within the neighborhoods of Normal Heights & University Heights: the two-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalow. Full disclosure:...

16 Aug

Why Selling Your Own House Costs You Money

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CBS This Morning is my new favorite morning show because it has a lot of interesting news and less silly stuff. They recently had on Jack Otter, the executive producer of CBS Money Watch to talk about "deceptive discounts" --...

26 Jul

Neighborhood Corner: Mount Soledad in La Jolla homes for sale

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Today continues a new section of the blog called Neighborhood Corner. Put simply, it’s a quick snapshot of what is happening with single family homes in a neighborhood today compared to one year ago. Today's corner to be...

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