11 Apr

Shoeboxed is such a cool company!

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Having discovered Shoeboxed in 2011 to manage the tax receipts for myself and my business (two separate things), I am very happy with the service and how it works for me. My business generates a ton of paper receipts and I keep every single one of them. They all have to be categorized into the appropriate tax category if they are deductible or partially deductible. These categories are then totalled and printed in Excel and given to my CPA. Shoeboxed allows me to literally dump all my receipts and even statements and extra paper/business things that I want to keep into blue envelopes and drop them in a mailbox for free, addressed to Shoeboxed. When the envelope arrives, elves there...

2 Feb

Why Pinterest is not for real estate

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One of my high school friends, Beth, recently sent me a note on Facebook asking why I wasn't on Pinterest.  She said she went looking for my boards to see what I liked. FLATTERING! I hadn't heard of this site -- this was about five short weeks ago. She said that I would love it and it could be addictive, and my invitation to join arrived shortly after that via email. Addictive? Check. Love it? Check. As a person deeply involved in the visuals of life, not only as a photographer myself, but art collector, seamstress and former art gallery owner (and cook!), this place was for made for me (you'll feel the same about yourself). It's a glorious collection of beautiful images and though...

9 Dec

Blog graders: good for this San Diego real estate blog?

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Several sites have popped up to help those like me who blog to gauge whether our posts, or our sites for that matter, have impact. Who judges? It seems algorithms within the blog grading sites do the judging, and that's fine with me. Like a lot of "social media" grading, I take it all very much with a grain of salt. But when you get a good grade, even if you don't understand HTML and I don't, it feels good! Arbitrary and random it's not, if it tells you why you got a low score. Two sites get routine check-ins from me so I can check the very blog you're reading, greenboxhomes.com. One is WebsiteGrader.com and the other is Blog.Grader.com. These sites are both managed by a company...

22 Aug

Death is Very Becoming to the HP TouchPad

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<--- Photo of what I saw on the HP website this weekend. Anyone get an HP TouchPad this weekend? If you did, you either paid $149 for the 32GB version or $99 for the 16GB version. And you're lucky. One day before Hewlett Packard announced they were killing the TouchPad after disappointing sales following its July launch (yes, last month), I was at Costco looking at this mountainous display of TouchPads. Shiny! All very pretty and Costco-y, they were $499 for the 32GB version and I thought it might finally be the tablet for me. Our Multiple Listing Service, to operate correctly, requires that any computer or  tablet utilize Adobe Flash. Alas, Apple hates Adobe , so no Apple products...

18 Aug

Turning my business and personal life over to Shoeboxed.com

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Why not let you know about it?!  First, pictured, my real live receipts. We all have them, business owners seem to grow them on trees, there is no shortage of them.  In a weird way I love them, too. But managing them - well, that's where we start. A couple of years ago I attended the National Association of REALTORS annual convention and learned a great tip from a great broker. In fact, it's tips like hers that make the NAR convention mandatory for me, at least for the past six years. Shannon King shared with her audience about a billion tips on wonderful free or nearly free things, and one thing that really stuck with me was Shoeboxed.com. But it took me almost two years to focus up...