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Today I am recommending a fun and very relaxing, gorgeously designed blog called Hooked on Houses. I saw it for the first time on Twitter thanks to Edina Realty mentioning an archive blog post about the Mary Tyler Moore house. This Tweet caught my eye because I was in the Mary Tyler Moore house a couple of years ago when it was vacant and for sale.

It was completely amazing, trust me, and I felt the house was affordable for what it was and the fine neighborhood it is in. Mary’s apartment was in the building, but of course was not in the building. TV magic! The house is now a stately manor and that blog post about the show and the original facade is here.  If you are interested in seeing the Mary Tyler Moore house, here’s the property after it was face-lifted and how I saw it.

And speaking of historic homes, my photo above is of another turn-of-the-last-century classic property in Minneapolis called the Eugene Merrill House. Read more about it here. This photo was taken on the same trip. This red stone mansion is not too far away from Mary’s 2104 Kenwood Parkway property.

So enjoy this amazing house blog! For me, I really like a lot of white space in a blog and a healthy touch of what I call mid-century modern colors: turquoise, orange, yellows, beige.  That’s just one reason I love this site. And how could you not love the entire section on other TV and movie houses?

Hooked on Houses is one of my new favorites. Find it by clicking the box below.


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