Kimberly Dotseth named “Broker of the Year”

New from San Diego, California:

San Diego Association of REALTORS selects Kimberly Dotseth as its 2011 Broker of the Year.

On Saturday, January 12, 2012, I was named the 2011 Broker of the Year by the San Diego Association of REALTORS, a tremendous honor considering our chapter of the National Association of REALTORS has over 11,000 members in San Diego County. We are also the largest branch of NAR in the state of California.

If interested, the press release is here:

And if I can help you when selling or buying your home, you know that I am right here for you ~ let’s get to work on your behalf!




  • Mike Trussell January 24, 2012

    Congratulations Kim. Saw the paper this morning. It’s not everyone that can get an article featuring them in one section of the paper and a letter to the editor on the same day. You must have some high-powered “pull”. Anyway, it’s good to read about your success.

  • Kimberly Dotseth January 24, 2012

    Dear Mike,
    So great to hear from you, and thank you! Yeah, that letter and the separate “announcement” are a double whammy and, believe me, completely coincidental on the timing. (Time to go hide for a while!) Thank you so much for the shout out and I do miss our G&E days. Hopefully I will see you at the hardware store again some day (remember?). Take care, Kim

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