Our president advocates for same sex marriage: a real estate broker salutes him

This is a real estate blog that stays pretty close to the middle and gets no where close to politics. Not that I am not deeply, actively involved in politics as a donor and volunteer: I am. But today with this breaking news, this all time great day when the first sitting president in American history has announced he supports marriage equality, I am going political for a few moments. It’s out of sheer joy.

What a historic event in American history. President Obama affirms today that people who love each other regardless of gender should be able to marry and carry on their lives. Not civil unions, not “partnership” agreements but good, old fashioned marriage. Of course I am not alone in my support of this idea — and I won’t be the last. We supporters are gaining strength despite the crushing weight of opposition and hold outs. What a great day for same sex couples! This doesn’t mean that they CAN marry mind you, as the conservative who protest among us, mostly driven by religion, push to have measures placed on state ballots to squash civil rights on a heated and regular basis. But we fight on.  Note to North Carolina, California, and other states: it’s never a good idea to put a vote of civil rights to the people, because a lot of people don’t care about the civil rights of the oppressed. This is evidenced by their decisions made when voting.  What if we had put the Civil Rights Act of 1964 out to the people to vote? I think we all can imagine the end result. We are not an overly progressive or fast moving country when it comes to the rights of everyone.

But don’t worry, the tide is turning. I am ecstatic about this news today and am boots on the ground when it comes to supporting the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, that ruled in February 2012 that the pointless Proposition 8 in California is illegal. (Still being reviewed.) The same sex marriage debate will percolate up to the Supreme Court in short but due time. We as a country need to get behind the civil rights of the LGTB community — because their rights are human rights.

Extremism that pushes beyond any reasonable standing for same sex marriage will be abolished in my lifetime, I am sure of it. We need first class citizenship for ALL Americans as those who oppress among us continue to push back rights. Let’s birth a new generation of supporting the rights of all.

Marriage is a very lovely thing, and mine is completely and wholly intact when gays are allowed to marry.  Long before I had seller clients or buyer clients who happened to also be gay, I was 1000% on board with equality for all people. But today I rejoice a little harder with this step from our president who is willing to face whatever backlash he’ll feel over his statement. I love this boldness and only wish it had happened sooner! The inertia of energy is on our side — that being the side of human/civil rights. And quietly, I honor my gay clients and friends who must also be feeling great today.

I don’t get the whole marriage/religious argument. Marriage is a civil, legal contract with your state, it’s not a legal ontract with your church or even your God. It’s not only so you can have children. It’s not about children at all. Sensible people have to believe that any God probably knows no boundaries when it comes to those who should receive love. Marry the person you love! Do it if you can, when you can, where you can.  No one knows who God is, so on this issue sensible people must look to leaders. And today the leader of the free world says YES to same sex marriage. Rejoice.


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