Thank you notes from clients — is there anything nicer in real estate?

Sometimes a client sits down to write a note and put a stamp on it and mail it. That just happened to me.

Because I know receiving a note is so special, I try to send them weekly and it’s basically “my calling card” to clients current, past and potential, but I don’t receive them as often as I send them.

But I got a great one today.  The client’s name is hidden to protect identity, but here’s what my mailman delivered today! Click on it to open in a new window and make it bigger.

Happy Friday, everyone! (P.S. have you tried custom stamps at Zazzle?)



  • Sharon Paxson May 6, 2012

    How nice that you received a handwritten note, I am sure you must have really appreciated it. I know that I always welcome hand written notes.

  • Kimberly Dotseth May 6, 2012

    So true!! Have a great day –Kim

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