Turning my business and personal life over to Shoeboxed.com

Why not let you know about it?!  First, pictured, my real live receipts. We all have them, business owners seem to grow them on trees, there is no shortage of them.  In a weird way I love them, too. But managing them – well, that’s where we start.

A couple of years ago I attended the National Association of REALTORS annual convention and learned a great tip from a great broker. In fact, it’s tips like hers that make the NAR convention mandatory for me, at least for the past six years. Shannon King shared with her audience about a billion tips on wonderful free or nearly free things, and one thing that really stuck with me was Shoeboxed.com. But it took me almost two years to focus up and make it happen!

As the collector of receipts for my business and our personal lives, my current system works great but I felt it was time for an upgrade. The thought of getting postage-paid envelopes in the mail and literally mailing this company all receipts, large or small, and for them to scan and put them online for me to review and sort, was finally too tempting. I have big plans for our relationship!

Last night I signed up for a year with their highest cost program, the Business plan. It’s $49.99 a month or $499 for 12 months, which is how I paid. I got two months for free by doing it this way.

Why not start with the free version or go the middle route and commit to $29.99 a month? Because I thought it was cool that with the Business plan you get a quarterly back-up CD of your receipts. I am a firm believer in getting the best tools you need and not cutting corners. And the Business plan allows them to scan up to 500 pages or receipts a month for me ~ luxury. I manage an immense amount of stuff (you have no idea) and wanted the best of the best that is offered at Shoeboxed. Oh, and for this plan they send original receipts back to you! For now, I love that idea.

My faith and trust are with them now, based mostly on Shannon King (who may or may not be subscribing at the Business plan level, I don’t know).  So thank you NAR, thank you United Airlines for getting me there, thank you San Diego real estate and housing market for causing me to even need a receipt filing system in the first place, and thank you in advance Shoeboxed.com for saving me.

Below is a link I added for you if you want to check Shoeboxed.com out for yourself. I am so excited! Check back later for the first video of me stuffing my first envelope! Soon!

Focus on Business Not Paperwork! - Shoeboxed.com


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